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SeaMoss Mylk

Love Milk?

Love Seamoss?

Try our Seamoss Mlyk

Freshly handmade Milk of your choice with your daily dose of SeaMoss!


Sea Moss is a species of algae that provides 92 out of the 102 essential nutrients and minerals and is 100% organic NON-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, with No Additives.


Some of these essential nutrients & minerals include : iron, B-vitamins, Vitamin C,  iodine, protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and many more.


One of the most important of these nutrients is a sulphur-containing amino acid called taurine, which is more abundant in Irish Sea Moss than any other seaweed. It’s a nutrient that is commonly lacking in vegetarian and vegan diets.


It is a mineral-rich, alkaline food source that can help the body to improve the pH balance, hydrate & heal on many levels.



SeaMoss Mylk

    •  All of our products offer several properties that you will find useful in your life. They are never to replace proper medical care. Each person has unique responses to herbs just as medication. Allergies are possible, so be aware of this.

      We are not responsible for your reaction to herbs.

      Please use them wisely and as instructed.

      Some herbs should not be used with certain medications or medical conditions.

      Always seek your doctor's advice about herbs if you are on medications, are pregnant or nursing or have any health problems.

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