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Introducing "Parasite Purge" the ULTIMATE Parasite Cleansing System.

3 tinctures consisting of powerful blends of nature's finest ingredients meticulously crafted to rid your body of unwelcome guests.


Brace yourself for a transformative journey towards optimal health with our attention-grabbing trio:

  • Dark Knight Detox Tincture : Black walnut hull, works tirelessly to combat parasites, assisting in purging and cleansing your system, promoting a balanced digestive environment, and supporting your body's natural defenses to reclaim optimal wellness and freedom from unwelcome invaders.

  • Clove Catalyst Tincture : Clove, a natural warrior against parasites, as it aids in eliminating unwanted invaders from your body, supports a healthy gut environment, and promotes overall wellness with its powerful antiparasitic properties.

  • Wonderwood Tincture:  The legendary wormwood, targets and eliminates parasites, creating an inhospitable environment within your body, promoting digestive harmony, and empowering your system to reclaim vitality and well-being, all while embracing the natural potency of this remarkable herbal remedy.


Say goodbye to unwelcome guests and reclaim your body's natural state of well-being with our attention-grabbing parasite tincture system. Embrace the power of nature's finest ingredients and embark on a transformative journey towards optimal health today!

Parasite Purge (Parasite Cleansing System)

PriceFrom $75.00