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Citrusy Turmeric( Inflammation reducer) Seamoss

This is the most POWERFUL and POTENT antioxidant-filled blend with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidative abilities!


 Benefits of Ginger

  • May reduce muscle pain and soreness
  • The anti-inflammatory effects can help with osteoarthritis
  • Can help treat chronic indigestion
  • May significantly reduce menstrual pain
  • The active ingredient in ginger can help fight infections

& more!


Benefits of Turmeric:

  • Act as a protective agent and boost and strengthen your immune system and fight out your common colds and sniffles.
  • Contains the active ingredient Curcumin which is anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antioxidant.
  • May help with skin conditions
  • Dramatically increases the antioxidant capacity of the body

& more!


Benefits of Oranges:

  • Contain Vitamin C which helps heal wounds and maintain healthy bones and teeth.
  • Protects your cells from damage.
  • Helps your body make collagen, a protein that heals wounds and gives you smoother skin.
  • Makes it easier to absorb iron to fight anemia.

& more!

Citrusy Turmeric( Inflammation reducer) Seamoss

  •  All of our products offer several properties that you will find useful in your life. They are never to replace proper medical care. Each person has unique responses to herbs just as medication. Allergies are possible, so be aware of this.

    We are not responsible for your reaction to herbs.

    Please use them wisely and as instructed.

    Some herbs should not be used with certain medications or medical conditions.

    Always seek your doctor's advice about herbs if you are on medications, are pregnant or nursing or have any health problems.

    Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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