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JuicedUp is a home-based business that launched March 2019. We originally launched offering only juices and detox system options for weight loss and overall health.

In 2021 we expanded massively, taking a step more towards natural health offering products that are geared towards natural healing, wellness, and sexual health. 

We offer products including but not limited to Juice, Seamoss, Herbal tea blends, Natural Sexual Wellness supplements, Yoni products, and more!

In short we are a personal journey evolved into a MISSION to assist others in any way possible to become their HEALTHIEST self.

As the owner I will not claim to be a doctor nor health professional. However, I BELIEVE and in my experiences the NATURAL way has been more beneficial than any medicine I've been prescribed.

Many know my story, many have seen me struggle and those same people saw me HEAL and become the healthiest I've ever been at times.

With that being said My GOAL, My PASSION is to offer what I know WORKS!

Not just for me, but others who have come to me with issues they never thought could be alleviated or resolved without prescription drugs.

I am in no way, shape or form telling you to ignore your doctor, but what I am saying is do your own research!

                                                                         Imani B. 

                                                                  Owner & Believer


All products are made with all NATURAL ingredients and FRESH fruit , vegetables ,herbs and organic spices. No additives. Most items are vegan and all other items are vegetarian.

Check out my EXCLUSIVE interview with Voyage Baltimore Magazine HERE

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